The real mile high club

The real mile high club

The mile high club is one of the most renowned clubs in the world, and for those of you who have tried to join, it is one of the hardest too.

If joining the mile high club and having sex on a plane is on your bucket list then one company has made it that much easier.

The real mile high club is a once-in-a-lifetime experience offered by Air Australia International, which includes champagne and chocolates.

The venture was started by American pilot Chuck McElwee. As he was loading a mattress into the back of his light aircraft to transport a patient to a country hospital, he jokingly told a curious onlooker that he was starting a mile high club.

The joke took wind and soon a local newspaper in Perth covered the story. The pilot then persuaded a young couple to pose for photographs, saying that they had already joined the mile high club and had sex on the plane.

The resulting publicity persuaded McElwee to launch a mile high club for real.

Last year, 314 couples enjoyed the experience at AU$650 a time.

"90% its women who pay for it," said McElwee, adding that in such a small plane he feels every movement behind the curtained passenger section.

The website's slogan is "Be bad, be brave, misbehave."

According to McElwee, a 70-year-old woman has returned three times in the company of three different younger men.

Have you ever joined the mile high club? Would you on your gap year?

If you are looking to join the mile high club, you can now find ‘seat mates’ on Facebook or even carry on a romantic interest on wemetonaplane. Beware though, joining the mile high club doesn’t always go smoothly, as one pilot will attest…

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